Текст песни Bell X1 - Sugar High

Sugar High Bell X1 В избранное

Let's build up tall into the sky
We can sit on those beams and smile
And eat our sandwiches
And smoke cigarettes
Like those boys who built
New York City
No fear of falling,
Oh it looks so pretty
Oh look, a funeral. A carnival.
Sugar. Sugar, so high
Let's build all this shit
No-one's ever gonna buy
When we come round we'll
Blame the sugar high
And act all sheepish,
And kinda sorry-ish
They'll just sit there like
Plastic flapping in the wind
Like a flag
So sad
Sugar. Sugar, so high
Hey Charlie don't you know Seanie,
Don't you know Paddy, don't you know
The Baileys?
Good old boys at the races
In a big tent at the races
He's a friend of mine, he's a friend
Of yours, he's a friend of ours,
Like not so wiseguys
Yea, not so wiseguys
And they'll do anything for Sugar.
Sugar, so high
Anything, anything
Can't let go of the good times
Free to those who can afford it.
Very dear to those who can't