Текст песни Faithless - Scandalous

Scandalous Faithless В избранное

She's wicked, delightful, bright and spiteful,
Not to be trifled with mid-cycle (?)
She may be slight but she can be frightful
Known to fire lovers in a quiet disciple
Side of her full thighs eyes makes my blood pound around (?)
And I can't hear nothing but the rushing sound
Face down, [...] on the crown of my head
Bound tight to an idea that drags me down
And I'ma never be found inside of sense again
The phone ring and I have no defense again
Intense to end all intensity
My propensity may be the death of me
You see

Propensity may be the death of me
You see...

I'm in love with another man's woman
Cancerous what I'm doing
Didn't plan for this
Never before felt so amorous
Or frightened of people with cameras
Anybody who stands with us
Will be damned with us
Head stuck in the sand with us
Others abandon us
Even friends telling me I will never be believed again
And what's scandalous
Not a trace of remorse, even then,
Even when all my floors are exposed
Still showed (?) the shed clothes on the floor again
And again, and again...

And again, and again...

My world has contracted end to end
My friends are subtracted
The only feeling is a numbness
Waiting for the phone to ring
Start my heart to beating (?)
The blood in my veins seen (?)
If it's not you I just resume my pacing (?)
Up and down, frustrated [...]
I can't [...] the way I'm aching
Till I get my fix my body won't quit shaking
Check the telephone connection, make sure it's working
[...] tear my skin (?)
People keep knocking but they can't come in
It's like the walls of my mind are falling in
And all I can think about is more linen
On my bed all day I ignore women offering a path way from affliction
But I'm in love with my addiction
You see...

People keep knocking but they can't come in... [5x]