Текст песни Little Boots - Click

Click Little Boots В избранное

I thought we had a connection
I thought we had a good thing
I thought I knew the direction
That we were heading in
And I know it's not healthy
To sit and fantasize
But I thought we were complete
At least on the outside
And now promises fade away
Have you forgotten yesterday?
I love you anyway

You know I thought we click
Like two parts of a puzzle
Now I'm all in a muddle
Click, like the flick of a switch
And now the pieces don't seem to fit
Click like a second in time
Like you were reading my mind
Think how we were from the start
And now our hearts have fallen apart

I thought you were my religion
You had faith in me
I thought you were a condition
That no one else could treat
And I know all your friends say
That "she's outta her mind
You'd be best stayin' away
You just don't know what she'll try"
And now my conscience fades away
A hundred years becomes a day
I love you anyway

[Repeat Chorus:]

I thought we had a connection
But now, I just feel rejection
Thought that we were perfection
But things look different in reflection
Thought you were my religion
Worshipped everything that you do
Tell me a part of it was true

Tell me...