Текст песни Little Boots - Earthquake

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I can remember this
Things weren't always this way
I used to make you smile
If only for a while

But now you can't get through
There's no way I can lose
I know some days are hard
But don't you make mine too

Cause I can't stand it when you come home
And we just fight for hours
But I won't show it
No, I'll just hold my breath and keep it quiet

Every little earthquake
Every little heartbreak going unheard
Every little landslide
Catch it in my hand
I won't say a word
Every time you hurt me
I know that it's working
Making you mine
Every clap of thunder
Only makes me stronger
On the inside

How many countless nights
I try my best to hide
Soon as you slam the door
My tears fall to the floor

I know that people change
Maybe you're not to blame
But must you burn a hole
So deep into my soul?