Текст песни Poisonblack - Down The Drain

Down The Drain Poisonblack В избранное

The spiral leads down the drain
Nothing is changing
All the struggling in vain
We just keep on sinking, so low
There's loathing between us
A city dying of thirst
There's a romance between us but it only hurts

Nothing more to be said or done, it's all over now
I'm amazed that we got this far and dodged the bullet somehow
Time to bury all dreams, bury everything
Time to silence the screams which echo within
All down the drain
I will drown your name and be free

There's nothing left we can do
Let's just lay this to rest
Hell knows we've tried to
This is as good as it gets
You said, "I'm at the end of my rope"
Honey, I've been hanging for years
Here, at the end of our hope, still no tears

You must've mistaken me for someone who gives a shit about you
You never should've trusted me for I am a sack of shit
I won't shed a tear for you