Текст песни Reamonn - Promise (You And Me)

Promise (You And Me) Reamonn В избранное

Once again I've messed it up
At cigarettes and coffee cups
But most of time we make it out
We'll make it through this

Lying here on carpet stone
I feel I've left your safety zone
But how can I feel so alone
If I'm here with you

Promises I made to keep
Let's find that out before we sleep
There's nothing left by you and me
Nothing left to hide

And when the ceilings come crashing through
Be standing there me and you
The ceilings come crashing through
Then they'll see you and me, you and me

Every word on every page
They speak to me of better days
Of how we used to honorfy
For everything we thought was right
And what we believe

I know we can't have everything
Sometimes we're old and on by strings
But what we have where we deserve
That's you and me against the world
That's what I believe