Текст песни Vanilla Sky - Distance

Distance Vanilla Sky В избранное

I know you hide something inside,
You never try to get the chance to feed it,
But now it's time to leave this lie,
I never try to find the way I feel it,

Lost integrity my personality it's gone now,
You were strong in jealousy can,
Lost integrity the way we use to feel it's wrong now,
You were more than anyone can see,

I know it's hard it burns my heart,
And there's nothing I can do about it,
Just like a place that we can share,
There's nothing more that I can say about it,


If I could just hold your hands now and look you in the eyes,
There someone make this sense tonight and never,
Can help to take your conclusions now look me in the eyes,
Your on your own,

Lost intergrity this fake reality it's not right,
I'm trying to find the reason why,
I'm giving this time not leaving it behind,
But it's alright and that's the reason why,


I will bet you its alright,